1. How frequently do you install underground primary?

Manually removing primary cable jackets weekly or daily adds up to a lot of wear and tear on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

2. What size cables do you typically strip?

As you know, the larger the cable, the more difficult to strip. Smaller cables can also be very frustrating to strip when hardened by cold temperatures.

3. Do your cables have the right construction for THE RIPJACK™?

Your cable must have a stranded or flat strap concentric neutral. THE RIPJACK™ will not work on cable with tape shield or ripcord.


4.  How far do you typically strip your cable?

Your average strip should be atleast 18 inches. The longer your strip, the more benefit you’ll get from THE RIPJACK™. 

5. How do you currently strip your cable?

You probably use Klein’s, a knife, or maybe bladed stripping tools; that was all you had till now!

6. Do you use power tools to cut and crimp your cable?

THE RIPJACK™ accompishes the same goals: wear and tear goes on the tool instead of your body, and you get the satisfaction of a job well done every time.

7. Do you use Milwaukee™ M18 batteries?

THE RIPJACK™ does too! And you’ll get approximately a week of RIPJACK™ use out of a single 2 amp hour battery charge.