About Us

We know how hard you work to keep America’s lights on. And we know how important it is that you have tools that work just as hard. At Dynamize Tools, we make tools for linemen that are safer, faster, and easier to use because we know first-hand what you’re up against. Long hours, bad weather, dangerous conditions—nothing stops a lineman. But we make it easier for you with a new generation of tools that combine the latest technology with trusted experience in the field. 

Co-founded by journeyman lineman Adam Smith, Dynamize solves safety and efficiency issues linemen experience on the job every day. As an apprentice, Adam was often sent down manholes to manually strip the outer jacket off URD cables—a task journeymen linemen usually avoid whenever possible. After seeing his fellow linemen experience both knife injuries and wear-and-tear injuries, he knew there had to be a better way.

Adam had an idea and headed to Ace Hardware to see if he could bring it to life. He spent over an hour wandering around looking for parts to create a prototype that he wasn’t even sure would work. After disassembling a power tool for its battery, building a frame, and assembling it all together with random parts from his trip to the hardware store, he attached some cable and couldn’t believe that it actually worked!

Turning the Ripjack into a viable product proved more challenging, especially as Adam kept getting called away to work overtime and storm jobs. To get Dynamize launched, Adam’s wife Lisa came aboard as the co-founder and got to work figuring out everything that it would take to build a company and bring Adam’s prototype to market. From interviewing linemen about their cable prep processes and closing investment deals to hiring engineers and building industry relationships, Lisa poured her energy into the day-to-day operations of Dynamize. Now CEO, Lisa still manages the business operations while Adam serves as technical expert and continues to work in the industry. 

Adam’s Ace Hardware-original is still displayed with pride on the shelf of his workshop, along with various parts from about 25 other iterations. The many versions of the Ripjack are the result of three years of feedback and testing by hundreds of linemen from IOUs, contractors, municipals, and electric cooperatives. Using the common themes that emerged, Dynamize created a slim, streamlined, and durable product that is intuitive to use and operates using the beloved Milwaukee M18 battery. And did we mention that it’s remote-controlled?

The Ripjack has morphed into a durable tool that can withstand the tough conditions linemen experience—and the wear and tear they put their tools through. After tearing through URD cables like a boss at the 2018 National Electrical Contractor’s Conference, The RipJack won the prestigious ShowStopper award for product innovation. We’re thrilled to have our product featured alongside other industry-changing products, and we cannot wait to deliver the finished product to you this summer!  Come see us at ICUEE in Booth #3858!

Learn more about the Ripjack and see it in action here.