What is THE RIPJACK™ / How does it work?

The Ripjackis the first power tool to remove the outer jacket from underground primary cable. This is a
significant improvement from current manual methods because it has no blades that can damage the
internal components of URD cable. Instead, the Ripjack uses the construction of the cable itself to
remove the outer jacket. You can check out our product demo video HERE to see the Ripjack in action!

Can I see the Ripjack™ in person?
Does THE RIPJACK™ come with a warranty?

Yes! It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

How much does THE RIPJACK™ cost?
Please contact us HERE for pricing!
When will THE RIPJACK™ be available for purchase?

The Ripjack is in production and available for order now! See the “Where to Buy” page for sales contact info in your state or contact us at 833-RIPJACK (747-5225) or sales@theripjack.com.

Where can I buy the Ripjack?

1) Reach out directly to us via this order form HERE.
2) Find the manufacturer rep for your state HERE.